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Bui VNghia, Trinh DQuang, Abao LNB, Ozeki Y, Runstadler J, Nakamura K, Ogawa H, Imai K.  2017.  Evaluation of the replication and pathogenicity of a variant avian paramyxovirus serotype 6 in mice.. Arch Virol. 162(10):3035-3043.
Krammer F, Albrecht RA, Tan GS, Margine I, Hai R, Schmolke M, Runstadler J, Andrews SF, Wilson PC, Cox RJ et al..  2014.  Divergent H7 immunogens offer protection from H7N9 virus challenge.. J Virol. 88(8):3976-85.
Margine I, Krammer F, Hai R, Heaton NS, Tan GS, Andrews SA, Runstadler JA, Wilson PC, Albrecht RA, García-Sastre A et al..  2013.  Hemagglutinin stalk-based universal vaccine constructs protect against group 2 influenza A viruses.. J Virol. 87(19):10435-46.
Arai Y, Bui VN, Takeda Y, Trinh DQ, Nibuno S, Runstadler J, Ogawa H, Imai K.  2013.  Lung cytokine gene expression is correlated with increased severity of disease in a novel H4N8 influenza virus isolated from shorebirds.. J Vet Med Sci. 75(10):1341-7.
Bui VN, Ogawa H, Karibe K, Matsuo K, Awad SSA, Minoungou GL, Yoden S, Haneda H, Ngo LH, Tamaki S et al..  2012.  H4N8 subtype avian influenza virus isolated from shorebirds contains a unique PB1 gene and causes severe respiratory disease in mice.. Virology. 423(1):77-88.
Oberbauer AM, Runstadler JA, Murray JD, Havel PJ.  2001.  Obesity and elevated plasma leptin concentration in oMT1A-o growth hormone transgenic mice.. Obes Res. 9(1):51-8.