Wendy Puryear

Lab Manager/Research Scientist
Contact Email: Wendy.Puryear@tufts.edu

Joined the Lab: June 2012

  • PhD, Pathobiology, University of Washington (2006)
  • BA, Mount Holyoke College (1998)

Research Summary: RNA viruses are particularly fascinating for how rapidly they evolve, how tolerant they are to mutation, and how resourceful they are in utilizing their host. My current research efforts focus on understanding how influenza adapts from an avian host to a mammalian host, as well as the role of environmental stability in allowing the virus to persist and transmit across species. I’m interested in understanding how components of the host cell can impact the overall fitness of the virus, and how cellular factors can influence evolution of the virus. A large portion of my work is currently focused on avian influenza in seals, with a particular focus on North Atlantic grey seals.

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